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MilkChoco is a multiplayer shooting game that challenges two teams, of up to five players, to face each other inside amazing open settings. The players can pick any of the two opposing sides: milk or chocolate. Within each side, you’ll find several professions: attacker, doctor, bomber, sniper, etc...

The gameplay is super intuitive: with the left side of the controller you can move your character around and with the right side you can aim. Your character shoots automatically as long as there’s an enemy at the point of sight, so your job is to aim correctly...and to throw one or two grenades.

The games usually go pretty fast and last a short period of time, so, if you don’t go into it trying to destroy your enemies from the get-go you might end up not doing anything at all. Also, keep in mind that some settings are huge and labyrinth-like.

MilkChoco is an incredibly fun multiplayer game that has a theme fit for all kinds of players. As an added bonus, the visuals are great.

The game doesn’t work with rooted smartphones.


Android 3.0 or greater is required

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